Fixing bugs and issues with the existing app is always be a priority over new features, but these features will be coming out shortly.

  • Better in app use instructions. We are currently working on a better tutorials with walkthrough videos of how to better select good image targets and apply content.
  • An improved Experience Manager that shows the picture for each experience and allows the user to selectively delete or edit Experiences other than just deleting the last one in the list.
  • Allowing more than one type of information to be added to a single image target.  This could be several of one type of data or a mix of different types such as notes and video.
  • Improved Preview.
  • More types of information that can be added to an image target. These can be other images, documents, audio files, 3D objects, hyperlink buttons and more.
  • Better selection on where information is placed on an image target.
  • Sharing of created experiences between users.
  • An experience library system that will allow users to share and download entire experience libraries from other users or creators.