Diverium provides easy to set up, fully controlled augmented reality displays and custom dashboards. These not only display information but allow workers to tag even individual sensors for displays.

We make installing and setting up industrial AR quick and easy, but we go beyond this.  Through our channel partners, we provide a powerful upgrade to your existing control system.  We are not just software providers but have a network of industrial controls and PLC integrators that are ready to work with you in upgrading even legacy equipment with modern APIs.  With these APIs, the upgraded system is not only compatible with our AR system but can bring your data to a host of other programs such as machine learning, data analysis, and more.  If your system already has a API then setting Diverium is quick and your team will be using AR right away.

We work in several sectors and are bringing control and information directly to frontline workers across industries.  Some of the sectors that we are currently working in:

Agriculture AR

Biotech AR

Machinery AR