Last Updated 24 January 2021

We regularly update this page with each release. Please check back if you encounter a new problem. If there is a bug or issue that you have found not included here, please contact us and let us know and we will work to resolve it or add it here to have it resolved in a future release.

In general, all known issues have priority over new features and we work to resolve any issues below with each new release.

Known Issues for both Android and iOS

Items deleted in the experience manager may still show even after they have been deleted in the experience manager. This is currently only resolved if the app is exited and started again.

Video sound may still sometimes play even if the viewer has exited.

Known issues iOS only

Adding both a note and a video to a picture may cause the video and note to flicker back and forth.

Known Issues Android

In general, adding notes on Android functions much better than adding videos.

Image targets are slow to be recognized, especially after starting right away. This is a bit of a deeper issue with Android. We are working a bit with Google and our other software partners to resolve this.

Video many times will not play when selecting a video on the selection screen or in the viewer when it shows up on an object.