Diverium uses advanced image recognition to allow any person to place information where it is most useful. Simply take a picture, attach your information, and then view the info in AR right where you placed it.



Every image and object has a story, now you can tell it.

Diverium let any user train the app to recognize and image or object and then lets the user attach their own notes, video, data etc. and share that with others.

Simply Take A Picture.

Add some information

View it In AR and Share it with friends.

Diverium Now in Early Release on Apple and Google App Stores

Diverium App Icon

Diverium is now available to test through Apple’s TestFlight program on the app store and Google Play. If you are interested in possibly trying Diverium, please see the Early access page for more information.

Diverium is in essence an image and object querying system that allows users to look at images and objects with their phone camera and find out more about them.  If no information is found, a user can add data to an object themselves.  

Any Diverium user can train an object or image to be recognized and then attach text, images, video, hyperlinks, 3D objects or AR animations. There is no need to learn code or be a developer.


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