Industrial AR Is Here

And it is easier than you think

AR Display and Control Panel Solutions

Diverium provides a full AR control solution that can replace or enhance current control panels and interfaces.  Build AR displays quickly and easily for IoT Devices, machinery and other control processes.

Add AR Displays to Sensors with Ease

With Diverium, it is easy to add AR displays directly to sensors that would normally have no display.  Once Diverium is connected to your system, it is simply taking picture and choosing what information to display.  This helps with prototyping, troubleshooting, maintenance and simply letting end users easily access sensor information without the cost or trouble of wiring in unique displays.

Easily Add Notes and Video to Objects

Add notes and video directly to real objects and images that display in AR through Diverium’s interface.  All of Diverium’s personal version functions are also available in the industrial version.  No need to learn a studio, if you can take a picture, then you can use Diverium.

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